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Moka Talking in Her Sleep

Have you ever experienced a peaceful morning where the sun is sparkling through the curtains, birds are cheerfully chirping outside and you just wake up feeling fully refreshed?  It’s like a perfect zen moment.  Well, here is how zen mornings … Read More »

Pugs in Commercials 2

In April, Hotels.com launched an ad campaign in Japan starring pugs.  We love these commercials, especially the songs. 

Video Page

We have posted some videos on this blog in the past, and now we put together all videos on our new video page!

Vicious Pug Attacks

Sometimes our pugs show their vicious sides…

Hiking with Pugs Means…

Hiking with pugs means otherwise quiet, peaceful trails are bombarded with an assortment of grunts and snorts.  Other hikers are often surprised by the sound.  We, of course, are so accustomed to it, that the absence is more disconcerting.

Pugs vs Spiders

Videos of cute and brave(?) pugs, fighting giant spiders!!

Hiking with the Dogger

Our pugs are not sporty.  They cannot handle long walks or hikes.  So we got the Dogger™ dog stroller to help our pugs along and tried it out for a hike in the Diablo Foothills.

Pugs in the Snow

Even though the name is hard to take seriously, Nemo was a nasty snow storm.

Older Dogs Know What They Want

We found this video when we were researching about the dog stroller, “Dogger”.

Skateboarding Pug

Random short pug video.  Very cute!