How It Began…

How It Began...

Sometime, somewhere the pug life picked us.  I can’t pinpoint the exact moment we got sucked in.  It overtook us without warning and long before we became pug parents. Regardless, we are proud to be “pug people”.

Our first pug came to us 6 months after we got married.  He was so long awaited for that we had already picked a name out months in advance, “Kento”.  We met him through a recommended breeder.  It was love at first sight.  He was already 5 months old at the time, and, despite the fact of being purebred from a long line of champions and being a healthy, handsome boy, he was still looking for a home. Apparently, all the puppies in his litter were reserved before the mother gave birth and everyone wanted fawn puppies.  However, more than half the litter came out black and people walked away from their reservations.  We cannot thank those fawn-loving people enough. And so, in December of 2006, we welcomed Kento into our family.


Suddenly life was different. All the things our mothers had taught us were inappropriate became funny and perfectly acceptable as long as it came out of the pug: unreasonably loud burping, thunderous snoring, smacking lips while chewing, random farting, and sneezing on someone. In our house, it even became a blessing to be sneezed on, like a holy water mist.  There was no turning back.  The only obvious choice, as we saw it, was to double all this fun.

After 5 years of enjoying a one-pug life, we decided to adopt a new pug into the family.  We found a local pug rescue group’s website and read a story about a group of 12 pugs that were surrendered by an irresponsible breeder turned hoarder.  We contacted the rescue and arranged to meet one of the 12, a small beautiful brindle girl who was thought to be around 5 or 6 years old.  Of course, Kento came to meet her, too.  A match was made.  We named her “Moka”.


Kento and Moka became fast siblings, as she blended right into our family.  It wasn’t long before glorious synchronized snoring performances filled our room at night.  I shouldn’t make it sound too perfect, though.  As everyone knows, with siblings also comes a bit of rivalry, and the pugs were no different.  The biggest competitions involved, “who will get the treat first?’ and “the comfy spot on the couch is mine.”

With these beginnings our family formed and continues, and we cemented our title of “pug people”.  We will share bits of our life with these pugs on this blog, as well as other pug-related posts.  Please stay tuned.

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