Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

We always have a hard time finding a store-bought costume that will fit our pugs.  This goes for clothes in general.  If we find something with a good length, it is too small around the broad chest and neck wrinkle.  If we find something that fits in the chest, it is normally too long and hangs past the tail.  So, every year for Halloween, we try to hand-make costumes.

After a coupled hours of sewing, this year, our pugs strutted the streets as tough karate pugs.

Kento in Karate Gi

Moka in Karate Gi
I was told that if I learn to have a little more self-control and focus, I can get black belt soon 🙂

Karate Pugs

Karate Pugs

Black Belt Pug
Do I look tough!?

Kento Board Breaking?
Can I break this board with my kick or… my weight??

Kento & Moka

We went out for Trick-or-treating, but it started pouring out,
so it turned out to be very short one this year.


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