Custom Pug Clothes: Kento’s Quilted Vest

Custom Pug Clothes

We had a lot of fun sewing their Halloween costumes this year.  So we decided, since it is so hard to find clothes to fit a pug’s body type, that we would start making custom clothes for our pugs.

We looked through some books on how to make and size patterns for dog clothes and determined our first project would be a quilted vest with a hood for Kento.  We thought, if we are going to put our time into this, that we are going to finish it off down to the last details of being fully lined with a zipper closure and top it off with a small buttoned pocket.

We took his measurement, and set off with mild uncertainty and hope that we could get the fit right.  We are pretty proud with the results.  We can see a few adjustments we need to make for the next time around, but he looks handsome in his new vest.

Back Pocket
Back pocket for daily items.  For when…

he is out for a walk…

or running errands…

Kento is a good model, especially when we are waving treats around.

We bought this red shirt in a store, but it is too tight around his body.  He is self-conscious to wear it by itself.  On its own, it makes him look like a sausage, but with the vest, he is stylish 😀

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