Pugs in Commercials

Pugs in Commercials

Check out a few TV commercials from around the world starring pugs!

In the US, there were some funny commercials with pugs sent in for the DORITOS® Super Bowl commercial contests.

“Pug attack: Doritos revenge !”

“DORITOS® – Pug Attack — Crash the Super Bowl 2012”

(Our pugs’ paws smell like stale DORITOS chips…  I wonder if there is a connection…)

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Vodafone has a series of commercials in India with a pug.  There are more commercials than what we are posting here but these are our favorites!

“Vodafone Pug – Launch”

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Finally, a Nissan Cube commercial from Japan.  These guys are from one of the most popular singing groups currently in Japan, called “Arashi” and the pug is joining the group!

“Nissan Cube CM “Always 4″ in Japan”

We will post more as we find them!


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