Are Pugs Easy to Train?

Are Pugs Easy to Train?

Let’s put it this way, they are easy to bribe.  Pugs as a breed can be quite stubborn, but with proper “motivation”, most pugs will listen to commands and learn tricks relatively quickly.

Pugs see everything in the world in either one of three ways: edible, not edible, and probably not edible but let’s try it anyway.  They think with their stomachs and don’t even try to hide it.  If they even so much as think you have a treat in your hand, their eyes get crazy big, their bodies start twitching with excitement, and in some cases, a puddle of drool will start forming on the floor.  So, yes, treats are a powerful form of bribery, I mean training.

Here are some tricks we have bribe trained Kento to do.  He, of course, can do the basics: sit, stand, down, wait, and come.  But he can also do…

“Black Pug Doing Tricks”

“Black Pug Practicing Nose (not quite…) Trick”

In this video, he looks so young.  He is only two at this time (2008).

“Black Pug Plays Dead”

We included an outtake from when he was bullet-proof.

Some day if we find a treat big enough and yummy enough, we may be able to get him to start doing the laundry, instead of just sleeping on it.

Moka cannot do as many tricks as Kento yet, but she can do the basics plus handshake.

“Brindle Pug (Bugg) Does Handshake”


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