Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

On this day of Thanksgiving, we must not forget to thank our pugs for all they do.


Thank you…

For all the cute faces that melt our hearts.
Cute Faces

For never letting us nap alone.
(Although, you always take the best spots and sometimes don’t leave space for us.)

For all the silly faces pugs are so good at.
Silly Faces

For insisting on being our personal assistants and helping with everything we do.
Personal Assistant

For being honest and unashamed and never hiding how you feel.
Being Honest

For always walking us to the door when we leave and welcoming us back home.

For protecting us from dark corners and the coffee grinder.

For performing sniff tests on every pair of pants we put on without fail.
(If you approve, does that mean they are fresh or they smell and you like it?)

For always offering to taste test every meal we prepare.
(Sorry, we don’t take you up on your offer.  It is the offer that counts though.)

For helping us keep the floors clean in between vacuuming, especially in the kitchen.

We are truly blessed to have you… and no, that does not mean you can have any turkey… no pumpkin pie either.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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