ToughPug Stamp

ToughPug Stamp

We visited Japan last month and while we were there, we special ordered a custom stamp with our original TOUGHPUG logo!

In Japan, you can find several stores where you can create original stamps.  We visited one of the most famous variety stores, “Tokyu Hands”, and ordered ours there.

Depending on the size ordered, the stamp could come completed with a handle.  Since we wanted to make our stamp a little bigger than their standard size, we ordered without the handle (only the rubber part).  It’s 4.5cm (about 1.75″) in diameter.

All we had to do is bring in the graphic data in Adobe Illustrator format in black and white, make our choices about the size and handle, and pay 😀

It took them only about 4 hours to finish our order!

ToughPug Stamp!
We’re pretty happy with its quality 😀

Close Up
Close up shot.  Very detailed.

With the rubber part done we were excited to try it, but had to figure out a handle first.  This is how we put it together.

Wooden Block for Handle and Adhesive Sheet
We bought a random good-sized stamp at Micheal’s for only $1, and took the rubber part off.  It was actually very easy to remove.  This left us with a perfect wooden handle for our stamp.  We used this double-sided adhesive sheet to put the stamp and handle together.

Adhesive Sheet
Cutting the adhesive down to the right size… (we cut out a tiny bit smaller than the circle so it doesn’t show when it’s done.)

Adhesive sheet is ready!
Ready to attach!

Putting together
Carefully aligning them together…

Push hard!
Pushing hard to secure!

Got handle!

Now we have to stamp!

Ink applied!


ToughPug Stamp Completed!
We love it!

Can't stop stamping...
Now we can’t stop stamping…

We’re very happy with our first original stamp!  When we have new designs and opportunities, we’ll definitely try again!!


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