Pugs Mobile on Parade

Pugs Mobile on Parade

Today we joined the 56th Annual Los Gatos Children’s Christmas/Holidays Parade with PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento)Heavenly Greens sponsored PROS to be in this parade and even provided a large truck for most of the pugs, owners, and foster parents to ride on.  About 15 festive pugs filled out our entry in the parade.

A few people walked their dressed-up pugs beside the truck and we took up the rear pulling the “PUGS MOBILE”, a wagon carrying our two pugs.  We even bought a canopy for the wagon to provide shelter from the rain.

It may have rained on our parade, but that didn’t stop us or the large crowd that came to watch.  Our pugs rode in comfy dry style while we went home soaked.  Even still, we had a great time.


…Sacramento.  That’s better.

Kento and Moka on “PUGS MOBILE”!  They were happy to stay in there.

Waiting for the parade to start.  Lots of kids wanted to pet them 😀

Other friends of PROS:

Which one is not matching?


Starting to move!

Some shots of what was going on around us:

The great danes were bigger than that horse..!


Long day, Kento is ready to go home after the parade.


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