Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas Tree Hunting

Last weekend we drove a bit out of the way to a tree farm where you can pick out and cut down your own Christmas tree and also has lots of extra fun family activities.  We, of course, took our pugs along.  We didn’t cut down our own tree though.  Ever since the pugs joined our family, we get a table top tree, instead of a full floor-standing tree.  The pugs’ big, bulging eyes and low pointy tree branches does not seem like a good match to us.

The scenery and fresh smell of the trees was perfect for a relaxing stroll.  And yes, we had to make the pugs endure silly photo ops along the way.


Going for the Reindeer Ride!
Moka:  “Woah, do you know this thing rocks back and forth??  Please don’t let go!”
Kento:  “I’m humiliated on a regular basis.”

Cutest Reindeer?
“Who’s the cutest reindeer here?  What?  My antlers aren’t standing up and I look more like a teddy bear?!”

Kento on ATV
“How do I turn this thing on???”

Moka on ATV
“I’m ready for the ride to start!”

These ATV’s were tied together like a train and lead through the farm on a guided tour.  Kids were having lots of fun with this and coming back a little muddy.  The pugs didn’t get to go for the ride.

Kento & Moka

Moka leaving
Moka:  “Are we done with the photos yet?  I see a tree over there that I want to pee on.”

Our Christmas Tree
The result of our tree hunting.


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