Treats from Japan

Treats from Japan

A friend visited from Japan and brought our pugs a souvenir.  It was their favorite kind of gift… treats.  The flavors were very uniquely Japanese: natto (fermented soy beans) and Japanese sweet potato.

Here is what they looked like:

Natto Treats.

Sweet Potato Treats.  There is a kid’s snack in Japan called “Tamago Boro”.  This treat is supposed to be the dog version of this very popular snack.

First, the bag had to pass a sniff test.

And, apparently a lick test. Kento was utterly shocked by Moka’s lack of manners.

Kento had to get a big whiff of the natto treat… stinky yumminess.

Nom, nom, nom…

Moka’s turn to try a sweet potato treat.

Nom, nom, nom…

Kento wants to try a sweet potato treat, too.

Nom, nom, nom…

Of course, as with most treats, our pugs went crazy for them.


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