Westland Giftware’s Pug-nacious Collection

Westland's Pug-nacious Collection

Westland Giftware used to have a “Pug-nacious” line full of pug figurines.

The collection featured adventurous pugs in a full array of crazy costumes.  We have seen a cowboy pug, bikini pug, court jester pug, cheerleader pug, and many more.  We don’t know how many Pug-nacious figurines this line ended with, but we only scratched the surfaced with what is listed above.

As far as we know, they have discontinued this collection, although some are still widely found and sold in stores.  You can see some of the collection on Westland Giftware’s website.

» Pug-nacious Collection on Westland Giftware Website.

We have one figure from this collection, a pug dressed as a football player.  This was a gift we received years ago.  Here are some photos:



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