Parked and Recharging

Parked and Recharging

Pugs have a parking/recharging ritual which is commonly practiced at all moments the pug is not in motion.  The position does not always appear comfortable to onlooking eyes, but nevertheless, the chin rest is classic pug mode of operation.

Over the years, we have captured a few of these moments in a variety of settings.


Kento loves car rides, but sometimes his head gets too heavy to hold out the window.

On a book.

They asked to be let out, and the next moment, we found this scene.
We call this “Screen Shot”.

But Kento on the screen door is not the only parked pug.
Did you see this in the background?

Even on a rock?  Really?  A rock!?

Plugged in sideways.

Once you put your hand under a pug’s chin, your hand gets stuck.

Kento was volunteering with PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento),
and was in a large x-pen playing with other pugs.
By the end of the day, he needed to recharge.

From Los Gatos Holiday Parade in the “Pugs Mobile”.
If you look closely, Moka is resting her chin on Kento’s back too^^;
Our post from this parade: Pugs Mobile on Parade.

Obviously, pugs are born with this predilection.
We met these little pugs at a Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek.


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