Black Pug Stationery

Black Pug Stationery

We found these note cards at a gift shop in San Francisco and were excited to see black pugs represented instead of only fawn.  Since it is not as common to find black pug goods, we had to buy them!

This stationery is from Fur Children® by Zeppa Studios.

This same design also comes on coasters and mugs.  We chose the plain black pug design, but for even more festive fun, there are Santa and “party animal” styles.  They have designs with fawn pugs as well. (They have all kinds of other breeds, too.)

This set comes with 8 note cards, 8 envelopes, and 8 seals.

For more products, check out their website: Dog Gifts and Cards from Zeppa Studios


Boxed set

Card front



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