Do Pugs Taste Food?

Do Pugs Taste Food?

I’m quite certain our pugs do not use their taste buds or even their teeth for that matter.

Food is simply inhaled in a melee of snorts and gulping noises culminating in a loud burp that could challenge Homer Simpson.  Imagine two high powered shop vacuums being switched to overdrive.  It is sudden, noisy, and dynamically over in seconds.
There is no way the food is actually tasted.  With no time to even chew, it must shoot directly to their stomachs at a pace taste buds cannot even recognize.

Looking at our pug-vacs in full sucking, grunting fury, clearly taste buds don’t factor in.  And, yet, our pug-vacs come with a built-in mysterious feature that still baffles us: a pill filter.  Without fail, they fail to suck up pills.  How is it possible to devour kibble at such an unbelievably fast rate and still decisively leave a buried pill untouched?

Pugs are amazing.


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