Pugs in the Snow

Pugs in the Snow

Even though the name is hard to take seriously, Nemo was a nasty snow storm.

Pugs across the country shuttered at the news of this storm.  As encouragement to the pugs living in the affected areas, we have gathered videos of pugs exploring and even playing in the snow.  Our message to those pugs, “May your adventurous side kick in or your bladder hold strong”.  Our love and sympathies are with you.

“Snow Pugs 2010 part 1”

There is also part 2 on YouTube.

“Eleanor the Pug navigating a snowy backyard!”

This pug is clearly unsure, but keeps going.  The hop off the deck is too cute!

“Black Pug in the Snow”

This is our black pug, Kento, back in December 2010.  He loves playing in the snow 😀


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