Pug Sunday, Walnut Creek on Mar. 10, 2013

Pug Sunday, Walnut Creek on Mar. 10, 2013

As usual, Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek was a good time.  Kento and Moka enjoyed playing with other pugs 😀

“I’m 6 months old, and I have already mastered multi-tasking.  I can bark and eat grass at the same time!”

“This spot smells good…”

“… so good that I want to fling it all over myself!”

“I am not that easy of a date!!”

Hummingbird at the park.

We will close on this random note… goose butt.

[Pug Sunday in Walnut Creek]
When:  Second Sunday of every month, 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Where:  Heather Farm Park, Walnut Creek, CA


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