Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Button-Up Tank

Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Button-Up Tank

We are continuing our custom, handmade pug clothes line and have made a new shirt for Moka.

Moka prefers a simple, yet girly fashion.  She wants something that reads feminine without all the frills and lace.  After all, she spends her days farting on couch cushions, chewing on her toes, and laying on her back with her legs spread eagle, but she still wants people to be able to see the girly side.

Now that Spring has arrived, we made an easy to wear, button-up tank to fit the season.  We used a yellow and green striped, stretch shirting fabric and trimmed it with grey ribbing.  Our favorite fashion point is the colorful buttons.


I know it’s your treat jar, but look this way, I have one in my hand.


To compete with Abercrombie, we added a naked model to the shoot.

“Really?  Shouldn’t he be wearing something!?”

As usual, we can’t have a photo shoot with Moka without outtakes^^;


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