Day at ADOPT-A-THON 2013

Day at ADOPT-A-THON 2013

Over 40 animal rescue groups gathered at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA today for the East Bay SPCA’s 5th Annual ADOPT-A-THON.

Booths lined the walkway along the waterfront as visitors greeted around 350 animals looking for loving, forever homes.  Among the animals were dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, rats, reptiles, and guinea pigs.  The overall theme and feeling of the event was a celebration of second chances and emphasis of adoption as a first choice.

Throughout the afternoon, dog trainers held demos on trick training and behavior modification.  One of our favorite demos was a dog who was trained to pick up dollars and put them in a donation jar.  Even dogs can lead by example.

There was also a large fenced in agility course.  Different dog breeds tested their skills jumping bars, weaving between posts, and rushing through tunnels.

PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento) had a large booth set up in the center of the event with a shaded x-pen full of pugs.  In total, there were 4 adoptable pugs and a few other pug friends and pug rescue alumni filling out the booth.  Kento and Moka were among them as we spent the day volunteering with PROS.

It was a fulfilling day ending with two completely wiped out pugs snoring on the couch.

PROS’ booth!

Meet Max on the right.
His profile is not posted yet but he’s available for adoption.

Kento and Moka joined to volunteer for the PROS’ booth!

That’s the spot!!
Heaven on the left, Grover on the right.
Heaven’s profile is not up yet, but check out Grover’s profile: Grover’s Page on PROS’ Site
Both are looking for forever homes.

Boston Blackie.
Check out his profile at his page on PROS’ Site.

Cute GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) from a GSP rescue next to us 🙂

From MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue.  He’s wearing pants 🙂

😀 😀 😀

Designed by Canine Campaign.  I love this!!

Near the end of the event.  Moka was very tired…

As soon as we got home, this happened on our couch.


Pug Rescue of Sacramento:


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