Presents for Our Pugs

Presents for Our Pugs

Did your pugs find anything under the Christmas tree for them, besides the bits of wrapping paper to lay on and ribbons to pretend not to chew on?  We got our pugs new collars and leashes.

They really wanted treats and only treats, but… I guess we are boring parents who get practical gifts instead of fun (tasty) ones 😉  They did happily trade out their old stinky collars with wagging tails.

Years ago we came across a collar in a small pet boutique in Los Angeles that we loved and immediately bought for Kento.  That was back in the years before Moka joined our family.  We still haven’t found anything more perfect than that.  It is made by TUENNE™.

We got the same collar again for Kento with a matching leash, and for Moka, we got the same style collar in a purple-pink color with a matching leash.  They look so fresh and stylish now.

And, of course, Kento and Moka got a few treats, too.  Otherwise, they might claim neglect.

Dog leashes and collars from TUENNE™

“How do I look??”


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