A Day at Bay Area Pet Expo 2014

A Day at Bay Area Pet Expo 2014

As we turned the corner onto the street leading to the fairground, we knew we had arrived at one of the largest pet events in Northern California.  Everywhere we looked were dogs.  Dogs happily sticking their heads out of car windows, dogs waiting on leash at the crosswalk, dogs in strollers, a line of dogs and people at the entrance… dogs and their people everywhere.

From morning until closing the Bay Area Pet Expo bustled with throngs of people.

New families were formed as adoptions were made at the many animal rescue booths.  Dogs of all sizes and breeds, cats, reptiles, birds, chinchillas, and even rats waited to be adopted.  (Stay tuned for our next post about Pug Rescue of Sacramento’s involvement in the event.)

Demonstrations, shows, and contests drew crowds around and people and pets happily shopped for new treasures at the many specialty and food shop booths.  It was a fun and successful event.

As usual we documented the day with photos.  Check them out.

He’s taking a bath and by the look on his face, he’s enjoying it 😀
We learned at this booth that chinchillas actually take baths in a special dust (dust bath).
Check out this video on YouTube:  Chinchilla dust bath

Don’t worry, he’s sleeping… at least that’s what they told me.

“Finding Rover”
This app allows you to search for a lost dog by facial recognition.
Check out their website:  www.findingrover.com

Agility Course:

Flyball Demo by Pawdemonium and Bay Racers:

California K9 Solutions’ Demo:

Little Guy, the Best Trained Dog in the Bay Area! Demo:

He did lots of tricks, and holding these teeth in his mouth was one of the sillier ones.

Pet Costume Contest:

Some dogs we met:

This cute pug is Moe, enjoying the event with his nice family 🙂

Bully Meeting

This French Bulldog visited the pugs at the Pug Rescue of Sacramento booth.
He didn’t seem to mind the floppy ears.
We will post more about PROS in our next post.


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