PROS at Bay Area Pet Expo 2014

PROS at Bay Area Pet Expo 2014

Pug Rescue of Sacramento (PROS) was at the Bay Area Pet Expo this past Saturday with some of their newest pugs looking to be adopted.  They were also selling t-shirts and tote bags courtesy of Canine Campaign to raise money for medical expenses.

PROS took in over 100 needy pugs last year and placed nearly all of them in new permanent homes.  It’s amazing and heartwarming to think of this success.  All of these pugs saw vets, some for just simple health check ups and some for more serious procedures.  It is all thanks to events like these, many generous donors, and generous efforts from businesses like Canine Campaign that make it all possible.

Now let us introduce some of the cuteness that spent the day at the PROS’ booth:

These tote bags are new from Canine Campaign!
PROS got an exclusive on these.  They are not even available on their website yet!

Some T-shirts for sale.

Meet Jax.

He came to PROS when his owner got a new job and was transferred to company housing that didn’t allow pets.  He showed off a cool trick at the event.  He does a handstand when he pees.  Yes, that’s right, both his hind legs become airborn.  On his potty breaks, he drew small crowds with his aerobic prowess.

This is Franklin.

Franklin is 5 years old and loves wearing sweatshirts and napping on the couch.  He was surrendered to PROS by his family who could not afford the dental work he needs.  Once his mouth is in top shape, he will be ready to adopt.

This sweet girl is Holly.

She was found at a shelter after being dumped there by breeders who could no longer use her since she had developed a large hernia.  PROS took her in and had the hernia removed.  She is still recovering and is not available for adoption yet.


This is Leilani.  She was the 6-week-old pug brought in at PROS’ yard sale.  She was adopted by volunteers that work with PROS 😀
Check out our post from when she was still 6 weeks old: 6-Week-Old Pug

[PROS (Pug Rescue of Sacramento)]


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