Day Trip to Bodega Bay

Day Trip to Bodega Bay

Before the rain finally hit Northern California, we took a day trip to Bodega Bay.  The weather was beautiful and the pugs were excited to be out of the house on an adventure.

First order of business once we arrived was lunch.  We saw a restaurant named Lucas Wharf with a patio on the water.  It looked nice so we pulled in to ask if dogs were allowed on the patio.  The answer was “no”.  And so we moved on.  We were about to pull out of the parking lot when we noticed a small eatery tucked in the corner with a patio full of happy families with dogs.

Fishetarian Fish Market
We sat outside in the casual patio lined with picnic tables.  Dogs sat with every family at every table.  A waiter even brought dog treats out when he saw us sitting down.

The crab sandwiches here were delicious!  We’d definitely go back.  Glad we found this pet friendly place.

With our tummies full, we moved onto what Kento deemed the main event, Doran Regional Park.

He could not contain himself as we pulled up to the 2 mile stretch of dog friendly beach.  As soon as his toes hit the sand, he started running in excited circles and attempted a mad dash for the water.  Dogs must stay on leash at this beach, so he didn’t make it too far unfortunately.  We quickly took him to meet the waves though.  His pathetic looks were too much to handle otherwise.

Moka, being as spoiled as she is, and decidedly against water and sand, chose to ride in the Dogger stroller.  Good thing it is all terrain.  She seemed to enjoy the sunshine and salty breeze in her ears.

“What… was that?  Did you see it!?”

She did, shockingly, get a brief burst of energy, lose herself, and asked to be let out.  She even willingly walked in the shallow waves.  Her face was mightily unimpressed and was soon back, with her ears flapping and eyes half closed, being pushed in her chariot.

There were a lot of dogs having a great time here!

We had a cute visitor to our Dogger stroller 🙂

Oh, that’s ours.

Kento, asking to play more.  Moka, asking to go back on the stroller.

Both in, and ready to go home.

We greatly enjoyed our family day trip.  Kento is already putting in silent pleas with hopeful eyes that we will go back again soon.  Loading him into the car to go home was a pitiful sight.

Some scenery shots from Doran Beach:


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