Treats to Go Crazy for

Pug Sunday, Walnut Creek on April 13, 2014

We took the pugs for a picnic in the park.  There we unveiled a new treat and the pugs found a new level of crazy.  Thinkers Smart Dog Snacks Pacific Salmon Sticks are a bit stinky, but apparently very tasty.  They are all natural, organic, and made in USA.

Want to know what the new level of crazy looks like?  We tried to capture it in photos.  Don’t know that we fully captured it, but we did get some good shots.



It’s coming!

“Stinky~ It must be good!”




Moka is going for it!  And Kento hasn’t noticed Moka’s false start.

“My turn!”


“My turn!”


“Can’t believe you just did that!!”

They enjoyed their treats on our walk 😀


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