Kento’s 8th Birthday

Kento's 8th Birthday

And so another year goes by.  Kento turned 8 today. He started the day off like any other day, drooling on my pillow.  He must still be tired from Yosemite, because he was slow to wake.  We rubbed his tummy and woke him up with a “Happy Birthday, Kento!”  He stretched and farted and hopped down from bed.  What a wonderful boy we have.

He later sat on the floor of the kitchen starring up.  Even though the counter top is out of sight, he seemed to be onto the fact that what was cooking was actually for him this time, peanut butter and banana treats.  He got twitchy as time went by and then something glorious happened… I picked up a treat and looked at him.  That was the moment he was waiting for!  He excitedly shimmied closer to me.  Moka’s special pug sense kicked in and from some unknown place in the house, a scurry of clicking and clacking came around the bend of the kitchen and landed right next to Kento.  Ok, let’s be honest, she tried to hip-slam him out of the way.

It was a humble birthday celebration, but hopefully a tasty one.  Happy Birthday, Kento!!!

We will post the recipe we used for these peanut butter and banana treats tomorrow.


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