Moka’s 8th Birthday Pt. 1

Moka's 8th Birthday

Wait, has it really been three years?  Saturday was the anniversary of the day we adopted Moka and the day we celebrate as her birthday.  She has been part of our family for three years, an amount of time that seems long, time just flies by, but also short.  To us, it feels like she has always been part of our family.  Either way, it was time to celebrate.  She’s 8 years old now!

We had heard of a bakery for dogs in Sonoma and Moka’s birthday seemed like the perfect reason to take a day trip.  It was a hot day and our short tour of downtown Sonoma included all the shady spots.  We, the humans, had lunch at a small popular cafe with fresh baked bread and delicious sandwiches.  We ate at the tables out front and both Kento and Moka posted themselves near the doorway to suck up as much attention as possible from the constant flow of people going in and out.  We pinned a “Happy Birthday” button on Moka’s harness and she received many pats and birthday wishes from her doorway post.

There was a large shady, grassy park which we planned on walking the pugs through after lunch, but were greatly disappointed by the many posted signs saying “no dogs”.  We walked the perimeter and Moka played and rolled on the edge of the grass.

The dog bakery, Three Dog Bakery, had treats galore.  There were pre-packaged treats from a variety brands and then there were the fresh baked treats at the counter.  Even though all the fresh baked treats looked sweet and decadent, they were all salt, sugar and chocolate free.  Many were even gluten and grain free.  They let the pugs sample a couple treats.  We picked out some “Pupcakes”, a “collie cannolli”, two “Pug in a Blanket”, a “Whine Bottle”, and “Bailey’s Lick n’ Crunch cookies”.  We also bought a bag of Wag More Bark Less, wheat free, soft and chewy, pumpkin pie treats, which they lady behind the counter also let Kento and Moka sample first.  It was very hard convincing the pugs to leave the store afterward.

With tongues out and panting away, we arrived back at the car and with the a/c blasting the pugs slept all the way home.  Kento and Moka of course demanded more treats once we got home.  They could not take their eyes off of the bag on the table.  They wanted to eat them all that night, but we have been spreading them out over the last couple days and laughing hysterically at their crazy reactions to treat time.

Happy Birthday, Moka!

Downtown Sonoma!  It was a hot day!

Great sandwiches at Basque Café.

Lots of people said “Happy Birthday!”  Was it that obvious!?

Three Dog Bakery

Lots of treats!

They’re so excited!

Mmm, samples‚Ķ nom nom nom ūüėÄ

It was a nice store with lots of things to look at!

Chilling out on the grass.  It’s hot!

Moka and the gift bag.  Do you know there is some good stuff in the bag??

She found it!

Stay tuned for our next post. .
We will be sharing photos of Kento and Moka enjoying the treats!

[Three Dog Bakery Sonoma]
Address:  526 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476


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