Special Guest at the Cafe

Special Guest at the Cafe

Walking and relaxing coffee time with our pugs 😀
And we had a very cute special guest at the cafe!

He’s already smelling coffee!

Moka, relaxing in the Dogger stroller.

“Oh yeah, I think this is mine.  Let me make s…”

“That’s not mine.”

While Kento & Moka were hanging out in the stroller,
we had this cute guest 😀

Kento, Moka, behind you!

Close up.  He was actually hanging out here about 10 minutes!!
Mmm, he might have been waiting for some breadcrumbs from us…?

He flew away when Kento tried to turn around and shook the stroller.


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2 Comments to "Special Guest at the Cafe"

  1. Lesa says:

    Do you still like your Dogger stroller? is it holding up well? How much do your pups weigh? I'm trying to decide if my 24 and 26 pounders will fit. I live in a retirement center and this looks like it would store well in my closet. Thanks for your info!

  2. ToughPug says:

    Hi Lesa,

    Sorry for the slow response!

    We love our Dogger and it is holding up pretty well, we just occasionally have to pump air into the tires. Our pugs weigh 18lbs and 16lbs. They fit easily together with room to move.

    According to the description on Amazon.com, "Weight capacity is 60 lbs but make sure your dog can fit within the basket dimensions which measure: 27"L x 13.5"W x 20"H."

    We suggest to check with Dog Quality (www.dogquality.com) to make sure it works for your pugs before purchasing. Their customer support is very nice.

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