Mare Island

Mare Island

The pugs were getting stir crazy and we wanted to get them out of the house for a couple hours.  We took them to Mare Island in Vallejo, CA.  Mare Island may not have the best scenery, the views are a bit industrial, but there were lots of friendly people walking with dogs.  We found a cafe near the ferry terminal, Panama Red Coffee Company, and enjoyed some drinks, while the pugs sat in the Dogger enjoying the bay breeze through their ears.

As we walked the waterfront after our cafe time, Kento attempted to pee on every blade of grass.  He seemed disappointed when his tank ran out.  Moka rode in the Dogger for the most part doing one of her favorite pastimes, people watching.  There certainly were some interesting people to watch.

It was a short outing, but it satisfied Kento and Moka.  They slept peacefully on the couch the rest of the day.  And by peaceful, I mean loudly.

Cafe Time!!

“Is this coffee mine?”

“I need coffee…!”

“What’s this??”

This was a smoothie called, “Chuck Norris”.
It was pretty good!

“I like the color, but… no thanks.”

Walking along the water.

We found a dragon flying around!!


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