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Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween!!  We hope everyone had a great Halloween with your family & friends!

Pug Undies

For the true pug enthusiast, the love of pugs runs to the very base core… of the wardrobe.  That’s right, we’re talking about pug themed underwear, again.

Custom Pug Clothes: Kento’s Flannel Long Sleeve Button-Up

Kento is looking like a handsome, snuggle monster in our newest shirt for our custom pug clothes line.  This flannel, long sleeve, button-up is perfect for Fall to Winter.  It truly has super-snuggle power, soft to the touch and warm, … Read More »

Canine Campaign

“Lilly’s former owners were moving and couldn’t take her with them.  We adopted her, and she has moved us ever since,” reads a handwritten tag pinned to a crisp, new Canine Campaign t-shirt.  Canine Campaign is a new company based … Read More »

Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Puff Tie Tank

Our handmade, custom pug-sized clothes line is ever growing.  Our latest creation is a cute tank top for Moka which ties into a bow on the back and gathers into a subtle puff at the hem.  We choose a blue … Read More »

Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Button-Up Tank

We are continuing our custom, handmade pug clothes line and have made a new shirt for Moka.

Custom Pug Clothes: Moka’s Quilted Vest

We resized the vest pattern we designed for Kento, and made a matching one for Moka.  Moka seems to be able to handle cold weather a bit better with this quilted, fully lined vest.

A Day at the Bay Area Pet Expo

Dogs of all shapes and sizes walked amongst crowds of people at the Bay Area Pet Expo today.

Mr. Pug Trunk

We went to Urban Outfitters, found these and had to buy them.

Rainy Day Pugs

It is always a little sad when our pugs get all excited about going for a walk and we open the door to a rainy day.  They immediately stop dead in their tracks and their hopeful faces dishearten into droopy … Read More »