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Scenes from Bay Area Pet Expo 2013

Video from Bite Work Demo by California K9 Solutions and Splash Dogs’ Pool at Bay Area Pet Expo 2013 at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on 01/12/2013.

Funny Pugs at A Dog Park

We found old videos of cute and funny pugs from a local dog park.

Snow Eaters

Our pugs love to eat snow…

Distracted by the Falling Snow

As we posted before, Kento will do anything for treats… except catch them. (See our earlier post: » Cannot Catch)

Snow Trip with Pugs

It’s the season for snow.  Well… not where we live in California.  So we had to go look for it.  We drove into the Sierras to Pinecrest, CA and stayed at a cabin there for the weekend.

Snoring Communication

We’re fairly certain our pug can communicate with aliens… or that he is a spirit medium.

The Pug Head Tilt

The pug head tilt will be demonstrated today by two cute black pugs on YouTube.

Fun at Pugtacular!

Pugtacular, held by the Northern California Pug Club, was yesterday, Dec 2, 2012, in Alamo CA.  It was a pug-packed good time.  The building was full of snorting, squealing, and the frantic click clack of pug nails on the wood … Read More »

Are Pugs Easy to Train?

Let’s put it this way, they are easy to bribe.  Pugs as a breed can be quite stubborn, but with proper “motivation”, most pugs will listen to commands and learn tricks relatively quickly.

Pugs in Commercials

Check out a few TV commercials from around the world starring pugs!